Audytor SDG

Audytor SDG致力于所有日常准备对单户型独立住宅、梯田厂房或则多户型供暖设备的竞价的专业人士。

Selection of convection heaters and underfloor heating.

A tool for fast selection of convection heaters and design of underfloor heating basing on the products of your company.

Audytor SDG is dedicated to all professionals who prepare pricing tenders on everyday basis and preliminarily select heating equipment for single-family detached houses, terraced houses, as well as multi-family buildings.



  • 计算房间的大致热损失
  • 从目录中选择散热器
  • 生成计算报告


  • 操作简单便捷:一分钟以内填写房间数据并且选择适合的散热器
  • 自动建议系统和验证输入的数据
  • 以简单的表格和窗体形式输入数据
  • 自动改正和输入数据系统
  • 一个广泛的散热器目录

The program:

  • calculates the approximate heat loss of the rooms
  • selects the radiators from the catalogue
  • generates the calculation report

 Short description:

  • fast and easy to use – fill in the room data and select a radiator in less than one minute
  • automatic suggestion system and validation of the entered data
  • entering data in a simple table- and window-form
  • automatic suggestion system and of the entered data
  • a vast catalogue of radiators 



Results of heat load calculations

Due to the application of the unique method of heat load calculations based on the virtual model of rooms, users receive far more precise results of calculations than in case of application of indicators per m2 of floor area.



Intuitive program interface

Working with the software is greatly facilitated by simplified input of data on buildings and rooms, as well as graphic hint system.


该软件具有数据继承的功能,这就是为什么典型的房间只输入一次,这增加了项目工作的有效性。 数据继承系统将促进项目的变量计算。该软件具有数据继承的功能,这就是为什么典型的房间只输入一次,这增加了项目工作的有效性。 数据继承系统将促进项目的变量计算。该软件具有数据继承的功能,这就是为什么典型的房间只输入一次,这增加了项目工作的有效性。 数据继承系统将促进项目的变量计算。

Data inheritance

The software features the functionality of data inheritance, that is why typical room is entered once only, which increases the effectiveness of work on projects. Data inheritance system will facilitate variant calculations for projects.



Overview of materials and their pricing for underfloor heating 

The software automatically creates overview of selected radiators, thermal insulation, system boards, distributors, components of automatics as well as other additional elements for underfloor heating systems.

最低配置 / Technical requirements

该软件可以在windows(10, 11)以上的32或则64位系统上运行。


  • 1200 MHz处理器 
  • 1 GB RAM 
  • 最小屏幕分辨率为1024x768的彩色显示器 
  • 硬盘驱动器上的可用空间大于500MB 
  • 兼容的显卡采用OpenGL 2.0及更高版本 , 市场上的所有新显卡都可以满足最低硬件要求;集成显卡和主板:最低GMA500




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