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  • 墙壁,地板,屋顶和平屋顶的传热系数
  • 单个房间的热损失
  • 整个建筑物的热损失
  • 公寓建筑供暖期的热平衡
  • 散热器的选择

Building 3D modelling and heat load calculations.

Software designed for 3D computer modelling of buildings, as well as for computer aided calculations of heat load of individual rooms. 

The program calculates (depending on the language version):

  • heat-transfer coefficients for walls, floors, roofs and flat roofs
  • heat losses for individual rooms
  • heat loss for the whole building
  • heat balance for the apartment building heating period
  • radiators selection



  7.0 Pro 7.0 Basic 6.9 Pro 6.9 Basic 6.1 Basic
Import and export of drawings in DWG 2018 format
Import of the building model from Revit 2016 - 2020
Possibility to add your own climate data
Graphic creation of a building model
Determining building energy performance certificates according to the methodology in Journal Of Laws of 18 March 2015. Item 376 - calculation method
Module supporting the initial filling in of the Central register of energy performance of buildings form
Heat transfer coefficient U for windows and door according to the standard PN-EN ISO 10077-1
Determining building energy performance certificates according to the methodology in Journal Of Laws of 2014. Item 888 - calculation method
Shading coefficient Fsh according to the standard PN-EN ISO 13790
Possibility to add your own linear thermal bridges to the database
Surfaces thermal bridges (linear and point) in multilayer partitions
Bonding and scaling drawings
Preview of the temperature compensation factor for homogeneous materials
The internal unit heat capacity of the building is calculated based on a building structure
The ability to define which groups of rooms are not to be taken into account when calculating the cost sharing factors
Defining hygenic requirements for your own types of rooms
The ability to define the default LENI value for lighting
Creates a set of building materials in the building construction
Backup system of data files
Possibility to include a suspended ceiling in the thermal calculations of rooms
Creates a set of building components in the building construction
Creates a raport with a set of materials (building materials, building components, carpentry, radiators, manufacturers)
Heat load PN-EN 12831
Selecting radiators
Cooperation with programs from the SET family
Energy Performance Certificate according to the methodology from 2008
Energy use - cooling PN-EN ISO 13790
Computing variables
Heat transfer coefficient PN-EN ISO 6946
Heat transfer through the ground PN-EN ISO 13370
Inhomogeneous partitions
The system default data inheritance
Correctness check of the model
Three-dimensional preview of the imported building model
Moisture analysis of the building partitions – calculator of temperature distribution
Moisture analysis of the building partitions calculator of temperature distribution and vapor pressure
Moisture analysis of the building partitions - PN-EN ISO 13788
Heat load PN-B-03406 (an obsolete standard)



Easy input of your design data into the computer

User's friendly 3D design editor assists designers in effective and fast data input.



Easy computer modelling of storeys of buildings

Thanks to the functionality of entering building base drawings, users can draw walls, windows, doors and floors with no requirement of precise manual dimensioning of all these components. Import of building base drawings is possible from DWG files, bitmaps or directly from scanning devices



Correctness check of the model

After 3D computer models of buildings have been created, designers can perform correctness check of entered building partitions.



Time saving

The concepts of data inheritance and default data will save users time and effort when entering individual building components.



Option for fast modification of parameters

Application of variables enables performing variant calculations.



Preliminary selection of radiators

Already at the stage of designing buildings, designers can assess the required dimensions of radiators in heating systems.



Assistance in preparation of technical documentation

Designers can prepare technical documentation for projects, basing on extensive overviews of materials, building partitions and selected radiators.

最低配置 / Technical requirements

该软件可以在windows(Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)以上的32或则64位系统上运行。


  • 1200 MHz处理器 
  • 1 GB RAM 
  • 最小屏幕分辨率为1024x768的彩色显示器 
  • 硬盘驱动器上的可用空间大于500MB 
  • 兼容的显卡采用OpenGL 2.0及更高版本 , 市场上的所有新显卡都可以满足最低硬件要求;集成显卡和主板:最低GMA500




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